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Trusted since 2015

Save Time

Maximum exchange speed due to the full automation

Easy to Use

We make the cryptocurrency exchange process easy and convenient for everyone

Best Rate

The best exchange rate in the market and the lowest commission

Recent Exchange

  • 181909 DAI  
    17 minutes
  • 771 XMR  
    19 minutes
  • 7 BTC  
    25 minutes
  • 84 ETH  
    4 minutes
  • 8 ETH  
    30 minutes
  • 141589 DAI  
    13 minutes
  • 205366 ZRX  
    12 minutes
  • 150875 DOGE  
    22 minutes
  • 98 MKR  
    24 minutes
  • 11656 LINK  
    20 minutes

Common Problem

  1. How does Cross-Chain Swap work?

    The Cross-Chain Swap system is integrated into major cryptocurrency exchanges, our service has no storage, only instant currency exchange. We find the best exchange rate for our customers to exchange in the shortest possible time.

  2. why should i trust you?

    Over the past 8 years, Cross-Chain Swap has won the trust of more than one million users around the world. Cross-Chain Swap requires no registration, no personal information, and all exchanges are instant in a fully automatic mode.

  3. Do you have hidden fees?

    Float rate: 0.5% of Cross-Chain Swap fee + network fee. The exchange rate is only set after your transaction arrives and is confirmed by the network. Due to fluctuations in market rates up and down, the order amount may change from the moment the order is created. (Network fees are fees paid to miners for processing transactions, the amount of which is individual for each blockchain.)

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